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Self-determination and self-directed support remain an empty promise if people do not have the support they need to have a home that looks like, feels like, and is their own.

Supported Living is an essential manner of providing that support for people who no longer live with a family member. At this point in time, few IRIS participants or Family Care members are aware of or have access to Supported Living. InControl Wisconsin is developing written materials and facilitating the development of a plan that will directly lead to IRIS participants and Family Care members being able to have their own place to live, with needed support.  This will include:

  • A clear definition and “common language” describing Supported Living … what it is … what it is not;
  • A written plan to increase the understanding and utilization of Supported Living as a cost-competitive  alternative within IRIS and Family Care;
  • A description of how Supported Living has been used to reduce costs and enhance personal outcomes within Family Care;
  • Specific stories that illustrate the personal and systems benefits of Supported Living;
  • Since Supported Living does not rely on buildings and does not have Department of Health Services funding and reporting codes, the development of multiple strategies to increase its visibility; and
  • A training template on  Supported Living development and implementation strategies.

As this work develops, it will be posted here.  Check back regularly or contact Dennis Harkins.

Supported Living Resources: