Our fundamental beliefs:

  • We believe that every human being has equal dignity and the right to be treated with equal respect, whatever their impairment, age, health and other circumstance. We are all different, but we are all entitled to be treated with respect.
  • We believe that the natural diversity of human beings should be welcomed and cherished. We are all different, and our differences and our needs help make the world a place worth living in.
  • We believe that people truly flourish not as lone individuals but when they are part of our communities.
  • We also believe that these communities only flourish when they welcome full membership and support the active participation of everyone, whatever their personal circumstance.
  • We all need extra help from time to time, and some of us need that help regularly and throughout our life. This might be as a result of disability, old age, ill-health or other circumstance. The fact that this need for extra support exists is both natural and an important opportunity for all of us to recognize our need for support and our mutual interdependence.

There is no need for people who need extra support to be excluded from full and active participation in community life and it is wrong that so many current systems exclude people.