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At InControl Wisconsin, we partner with individuals and families, advocacy groups, government agencies, and many other community partners to promote Self-Determination and Self-Directed Supports. Our work includes:

Focused action – to develop and support new practice and cultural change for self-determination and self-directed support and to make self-directed support happen in communities.

Knowledge and empowerment – tools and resources on how to self-direct and advocate for individuals and families.

Learning together – helping to build communities and networks for shared learning and partnerships.

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Self-Direction Worldwide: Contrasting Beliefs and Their Impact on Practice  Lynn Breedlove 

This paper reviews the evolution of self-direction over the last 25 years, and the variety of self-direction definitions, values, and practices around the world. Looking at the differences in self-direction in various countries raises a number of interesting questions for advocates, e.g.:

  • Is self-direction a human service program or an essential part of citizenship?
  • Is community participation a primary goal for everyone who self-directs, or only for somepeople?
  • What responsibilities (if any) do people who are self-directing have to government or to therest of us?
  • Should people have access to support for self-direction beyond family and friends, and if so what kind of support?

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