2018 Self-Determination Conference

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2018 Wisconsin Self-Determination Conference October 29-31 Kalahari Resort, Wisconsin Dells The Wisconsin Self-Determination Conference works to empower people with disabilities in Wisconsin to have more control over their lives. More than 600 people each year participate in the conference to learn more about self-determination and SDS so they can live independently, be members of their communities, and use public funds efficiently. …

Agenda: Aging Empowerment Conference

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AGING EMPOWERMENT CONFERENCE, Thursday, June 14 8:30 – 9:45 am: Opening Session/Keynote Address Are Older Adults Still Citizens? Presenter: Dr. Simon Duffy, Director, Centre for Welfare Reform; Secretary, Citizen Network about.me/simonduffy A test of any decent society is how it respects the older generation. Are older people at the center of family and community life, or are they isolated or institutionalized? …

Register for the 2018 Aging Empowerment Conference!

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Registration is now open for the 2018 Aging Empowerment Conference! Click here to register. Do you know an older adult that would like to attend? Take advantage of our special offer: buy one registration, bring an older adult for free! Registration: $150 Older Adults, Direct Care Workers: $95 Older Adult Scholarships are available! Apply by emailing your request to Peggy …

Seeking Nominations for 2018 Empowerment Awards!

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Seeking Nominations for 2018 Empowerment Awards! Do you know of an exciting Wisconsin agency, organization, program, practice or service that helps older people increase their independence or their control over their lives or services? InControl Wisconsin is seeking nominations for the 2018 Empowerment Awards! See this file for more information.  Nominations, which can be made by filling out this online form, are …

Long-Term Care Update

ICW Comments to DHS about Long-Term Care Plan in Wisconsin

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10/28/15 To: Wisconsin Dept. of Health Services From: In Control Wisconsin Board of Directors Subject: Comments on the new Long Term Care Plan for Wisconsin In Control Wisconsin was formed in 2009 to a) promote the nationally and internationally growing idea that people with disabilities and older adults should have more control over their lives and the long term care …

Changes to Long-Term Care in Wisconsin

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Wisconsin’s Long-Term Care (LTC) system is going through some major changes. In the 2015-2017 budget, Governor Walker and the legislature started a chain of events which will likely lead to major changes in how people receive LTC support. To learn more about what’s happening and how you can be involved, listen to the webinar below and check out the additional resources. Long-Term Care …

Check Out 2015 Conference Resources

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The speakers at the Living a Self-Determined Life 2015: A Conference on Empowerment for Older Adults will be sharing their presentation materials with us and we will be posting them as soon as they are available. Keep checking back to this page to find these valuable resources.

Register Now! Living a Self-Determined Life 2015

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Living a Self-Determined Life 2015: A Conference on Empowerment for Older Adults June 1-2, 2015 Glacier Canyon Lodge Conference Center at the Wilderness Resort Wisconsin Dells Join InControl Wisconsin, older adults, their families, and the professionals who support them for this unique event celebrating and exploring self-determination and empowerment in aging. For more information: Aging Empowerment Conference Brochure To register: www.regonline.com/selfdetermined2015

Do you want to be in control of your employment planning?

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InControl Wisconsin has developed a series of employment planning modules for people with disabilities and those who support them. This series was designed to help people think about their integrated employment options, understand employment supports, and create a plan to achieve their integrated employment goals. Check out the Self-Directed Employment Planning modules to learn more.