About Us

Our mission is to play a key role in advancing self-directed supports in Wisconsin. We provide a framework to bring together existing good practice, to introduce new ways of working, and to support everyone involved in meeting the challenges.

Focused Attention

InControl Wisconsin, Inc. works to develop, evaluate, motivate and support new forms of practice and cultural change for self-directed support. Our goal is to make self-directed support happen throughout the state of Wisconsin.

Learning Together

InControl Wisconsin, Inc. provides training and builds shared learning on self-directed support in partnership with citizens with disabilities, families, advocates, and agencies.

Information & Awareness

InControl Wisconsin, Inc. is a repository of information and tools used to support and ensure people with disabilities have control in their lives. We collect the real life stories of people in Wisconsin who are in control, demonstrating how self-directed support can work. We will share our resources and information through offering learning events, building a learning network, and providing email newsletters and communication.

Dialogue & Exchange

The ways in which people with disabilities can be supported to self-direct are growing and evolving. InControl Wisconsin, Inc. is a place where people can come together to share information and participate in discussions on the diversity of ways people can self-direct and be supported to stay in control of their lives.


Changing service systems and institutional biases involves many groups from different areas working together. InControl Wisconsin, Inc. believes that developing partnerships and collaboration allows for greater understanding and sharing of knowledge between diverse groups. A cultural shift towards people with disabilities self-directing their support must include citizens, families, service providers, and state agencies.

Leadership & Influence

InControl Wisconsin, Inc. will influence the growth and evolution of self-directed support through education and demonstration. Together with long-term care entities, service providers and advocacy groups, InControl Wisconsin, Inc. will attend to questions and problems with implementing self-directed support. Those who are leading the way in practice will be given the opportunity and space to tell their stories and contribute to the evolution of self-directed support. InControl Wisconsin, Inc. is a place where these leaders can be fostered.