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Individual Budgets

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Having control and authority over an individual budget is a key component of self-directed support.  An individual budget is a sum of money given to people with which they can buy the services and equipment they need to meet their support and care needs.

diagram by S Duffy @ in control england 2006


However, having access and control over a designated amount of money for support isn’t enough.  People need the right support and information to plan and set goals in thoughtful and creative ways.   By adapting tools created by the Center for Self-Determination, In Control Wisconsin is partnering with the IRIS Program and several Family Care organizations to pilot a process to help individuals, families, service providers, and service funders collaborate in developing cost-effective supports and services using individual budgets.

Within the context of the growing fiscal challenges to long-term care in Wisconsin, this pilot aims to determine the ways in which individuals and families, with a supportive planning process in place, can develop creative, flexible plans that meet people’s needs at the same or less cost as traditional services.

As this work unfolds, we will be posting information and resources.  To learn more about this project, contact Shannon Munn-Huff