In Control Wisconsin Presents the 2016 Aging Empowerment Conference for 2016

Resources – 2016 Aging Empowerment Conference

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Pre-Conference: Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Putting the POWER in Empowerment

Presenters: Esther Olson, Tom Frazier, Stephanie Sue Stein, Advocates

You Have the Power! How You Can Impact Policy Change

Presenters: Carrie Porter, Older American’s Act Consultant, GWAAR; Marion Holmberg, founding member of Save IRIS/Wisconsin’s Self-Direction Advocates; Molly Hilliness, Social Justice & Advocacy Director, YWCA LaCrosse

Get Engaged: Inserting Your Voice in Community Issues

Presenters: Helen Marks Dicks, AARP Wisconsin Associate State Director State Advocacy; Janet L. Zander, MPA, CSW, GWAAR, advocacy & Public Policy Coordinator

Putting Your Knowledge into Action

Facilitators: Patti Becker, InControl Board Treasurer; Janet Zander, CSW, MPA, Advocacy & Public Policy Coordinators, Greater Wisconsin Agency on Aging Resources, Inc.

Conference: Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Keynote Address

Know Your Power, Embrace Your Responsibilities, Lead the Life of YOUR Choice

Presenter: William A. B. Ditto, MSW, LSW; Retired Director, Division of Disability Services, New Jersey Department of Human Services

Session A: 10:15-11:30 am

A1. Sexuality in Persons with Dementia and/or a Terminal Illness

Presenter: Melanie G. Ramey, JD, MSW, CEO/ED, The HOPE of Wisconsin

A2. Irene’s Story

Presenters: Irene Wisniewski, 80-year old business owner, part-time employee, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and neighbor; Deb Wisniewski, Irene’s daughter, Faculty of the Asset-Based Community Development Insitute, and Non-profit consultant

A3. Creating Dementia-Friendly Communities in a Diverse, Urban Setting

Presenters: Bashir Easter, AAS, BHSM, MBA PA, Dementia Care Specialist Milwaukee County, Milwaukee County Dept. on Aging; Andrea Garr, Dementia Care Specialist Milwaukee County, Milwaukee County Dept. on Aging

A4. Partnership Conversations: Preserving the Empowerment

Presenters: Patti Becker, Community partnerships and Outreach Specialist, The Management Group; Troy Thill, CAPSW, Learning and Development Specialist, The Management Group

Session B: 12:30-1:45 pm

B1. Dementia-Friendly Community Successes

Presenters: Janet Wiegel, Outreach Specialist, Alzheimer’s and Dementia Alliance of Wisconsin; Becky Mulhern, Director of the Aging and Disability Resource Center for Columbia Co; Bill Tierney, Mayor, Portage, Wis. and EMT for Divine Savior Hospital; Ken Manthey, Police Chief, Portage, Wis.

B2 How to Reimagine Your Life (session 1 of 1)

Presenter: Helen Mack, AARP

B3. Healthcare and Caregiving in African-American Communities

Presenter: Kira Stewart, Demen a Care Support Specialist “Caregiver Coach”, ADRC of Dane County

B4. Empowering Older Adults through Supported Decision-Making

Presenters: Alice Page, JD, MPH, Adult Protec ve Services and Systems Developer, Wisconsin Department of Health Services O ce on Aging; Kim Marheine, MA, Ombudsman Services Supervisor, State of Wisconsin Board on Aging and Long Term Care

Session C: 2:15-3:30 pm

C1. Myths and Biases Affect Service to LGBT Elders

Presenter: Caroline Werner, MSW, LGBT Senior Advocate for OutReach LGBT Community Center, Madison, WI.

C2. How to Reimagine Your Life (Part 2 of 2)

Presenter: Helen Mack, AARP

C3. Caregiver Self-Determination: A Path to Health and Independence

Presenters: Tim Davis, Owner, Safe at Home Senior Care, Eau Claire; Valeree Lecey, Caregiver Services Coordinator, ADRC of Ozaukee County.

Facilitators: Lynn Gall, Alzheimer’s & Family Caregiver Coordinator, O ce on Aging; Jane Mahoney, Older Americans Act Consultant, GWAAR

C4. But Names Will Never Hurt Me… The Cost of Ageism

Presenters: Janet L. Zander, CSW, MPA, Advocacy &
Public Policy Coordinator, Greater Wisconsin Agency on Aging Resources, Inc.; Cynthia M. Ofstead, PhD, Director, Wisconsin Department of Health Services O ce on Aging; Noreen Holmes, Aging Advocate/Volunteer, Wisconsin Aging Advocacy Network (WAAN), former County Aging Unit Director