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Individual Budgets

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Having control and authority over an individual budget is a key component of self-directed support.  An individual budget is a sum of money given to people with which they can buy the services and equipment they need to meet their support and care needs. diagram by S Duffy @ in control england 2006   However, having access and control over …

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Stacy Ellingen

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Stacy has a degree in Journalism with an emphasis in Advertising from UW-Whitewater. She owns her own graphic design and social media small business. Stacy is working with InControl Wisconsin as the Online Community Manager for the Self-Determination Network and the Employment Network. Having been through the “system” herself, Stacy brings resources and personal experiences to InControl Wisconsin. Her advocacy and …

Check Out 2015 Conference Resources

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The speakers at the Living a Self-Determined Life 2015: A Conference on Empowerment for Older Adults will be sharing their presentation materials with us and we will be posting them as soon as they are available. Keep checking back to this page to find these valuable resources.

Resources – 2015 Self-Determined Life Conference

InControl Wisconsin Aging & Empowerment Conference

Living a Self-Determined : A Conference on Empowerment for Older Adults (Conference brochure, including schedule of sessions) Building Dementia Friendly Communities: A Tool Kit for Wisconsin Communities (Sue Konkel) Honoring Choice in Challenging Situations: Dane County Dementia Support Team (Beth Freeman, Jodie Castaneda, & Joy Schmidt Navigating the “Hospital Rapids”: Hospital Elder Life Program (Rick Dahl), Perfect Storm (Carrie Bennett), Hospital: A Guide to Staying Safe (Terry Lynch) Positive …

Register Now! Living a Self-Determined Life 2015

InControl Wisconsin Updates

Living a Self-Determined Life 2015: A Conference on Empowerment for Older Adults June 1-2, 2015 Glacier Canyon Lodge Conference Center at the Wilderness Resort Wisconsin Dells Join InControl Wisconsin, older adults, their families, and the professionals who support them for this unique event celebrating and exploring self-determination and empowerment in aging. For more information: Aging Empowerment Conference Brochure To register: www.regonline.com/selfdetermined2015

Do you want to be in control of your employment planning?

InControl Wisconsin Updates

InControl Wisconsin has developed a series of employment planning modules for people with disabilities and those who support them. This series was designed to help people think about their integrated employment options, understand employment supports, and create a plan to achieve their integrated employment goals. Check out the Self-Directed Employment Planning modules to learn more.