Webinar & Resources: Workforce Innovations and Opportunity Act (WIOA)

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The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) is A new federal law that is shaping transition and employment services for individuals with disabilities around the country, including Wisconsin. On Jan. 12, 2017, InControl Wisconsin held a webinar to share information about this law and how it affects you or the people you work with.  If you were unable to join us …

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Community Connections

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We believe that the true potential and sustainability for self-directed supports lies within the involvement and expertise of individuals, families and communities.  InControl Wisconsin prioritizes the development and strengthening of peer and family networks across the state, while creating opportunities for people to be contributing members of their communities. Our work is focused on looking at how to connect and …

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Self-Determination for Youth

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InControl Wisconsin is committed to advancing changes that support people to self-direct at any age.  We believe the skills needed to self-advocate or to advocate for loved ones are best developed as early as possible. InControl Wisconsin offers two areas of support: For Youth and Families Youth and their families are natural leaders in self-determination.  InControl Wisconsin works to empower …

Supported Living

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Self-determination and self-directed support remain an empty promise if people do not have the support they need to have a home that looks like, feels like, and is their own. Supported Living is an essential manner of providing that support for people who no longer live with a family member. At this point in time, few IRIS participants or Family …

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Self-Directed Employment

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People who need support often spend their days in work centers or day services.  These days, more and more people are getting jobs or starting businesses in their own communities.  Many are doing this with self-directed support. Having a job is not just about the money.  Self-directed employment means that people who need support have the opportunity to discover their …

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Individual Budgets

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Having control and authority over an individual budget is a key component of self-directed support.  An individual budget is a sum of money given to people with which they can buy the services and equipment they need to meet their support and care needs. diagram by S Duffy @ in control england 2006   However, having access and control over …